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Training Schedule, Bird Contacts
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BC=Barn Course, SI=Silo Course, ML=Moore Lake, SP=Spillway, CU=Clean up

• We do not have permits for any days before April 15th and after July 15th. 
• We have been informed that we do not need permits before or after the quiet time.
• If you use the spillway before or after the quiet time you must remember that your   dog must be on lead except during actual training. 
• We can use blank ammunition during this time. 
• We only need to purchase permits for the spillway during the quiet time and for test weekends. 
• The spillway can be used before and after the quiet time. Dogs must be on lead   except while participating in dog training and blanks/poppers can be used. 
• Please be sure that you follow and meet all conditions and requirements when using the area.

If you have questions or to volunteer as a bird contact please contact John Cullen at:

Barn Silo Course Map

Barn Silo Course Map pdf


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